Wednesday - 11.01
6PM - 9PM

Special Horror/Halloween themed trivia on October 4th! The cost is $6.00 to play and sign-ups begin at 6:30pm. (we start promptly at 7pm!) REMINDER - Our events are now all going to be cashless. GGNY accepts several forms of contactless payment. This enables pre-sale for future events and also allows us to take an extra step to protect our members from the several illnesses going around. If you can only pay in cash, however, we ask that you please have exact change. We will be able to accept cash for a few more months as we transition, however please note that we prefer cashless payment. As always, both Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic beverages will be available. However, because it is within a bar setting, NYC prohibits anyone under the age of 21 from attending. General Info: GGNY Group, LLC's trivia event is an ongoing social gathering for all LGBTQIA+ Geeks and allies. This is a place to make friends and discuss your favorite Geek genres (comics, video games, anime, fantasy, horror, role-playing games, science fiction, and more!) Each trivia gathering centers around our 4 rounds of Geek Trivia covering all Geek genres, with a prize bag going to the winning team. There will be two rounds of trivia, a 15-minute mingling period, and then the final two rounds. Please note: 1) We will promptly start trivia at 7:00pm. (Seating is limited) We are aware it is a weeknight, and people have jobs and school the next day. So we promise, if you make it on time, we’ll finish and be done no later than 9:00pm, if not sooner! Deal? 2) Please do NOT bring outside beverages to the venue! 3) Six people per team. You do NOT need to bring your own complete team. You can form a team with other people in attendance! This can vary based on attendance, so please pay attention to the announcements. We may shrink or enlarge the team size to fit the crowd. Mingle, imbibe, and use your Geek Knowledge all at the same time! Feel free to bring friends and guests! See you all at the event!