Friday - 12.17
10PM - 4AM

DJ Steven Cunningham
$10 Well Drinks (16 oz.)

Are you looking for explicit content? Ready for a gratuitous night of fun? Join us for a blast-from-the-past party of sleazy excitement and dangerous debauchery! GRINDHAUS! Leave your phone at the door... gear up or dress down. Clothes Check Available. Get old school with some good old-fashioned CRUISING! Tasty libations and kinky Go-Go studs to whet your appetite for a night of rowdy and retro beats courtesy of DJ Steve Cunningham spinning 60s-70s Rock/Funk/Soul/Disco and Pulp Classics! GRINDHAUS! Custom made Tarantino-inspired visuals featuring the hottest, raunchiest content! GRINDHAUS! $5 COVER 21+ Creative/theme attire, leather, gear encouraged!